The Open Educational Resources (OER) system consists of specific training modules on entrepreneurial skills for farmers. The content is based on a detailed needs assessment. Surveys as well as focus group interviews provide insights in existing knowledge of farmers and their demand for training. Training manuals for learners and facilitators.

Multifuncionality in agriculture Go to

Aim: To provide new perspectives on opportunities in multifunctional agriculture.
Learning Outcomes: 

  • Improved understanding of multifunctional agriculture.
  • Knowledge of possible business fields in multifunctional agriculture.
Creativity and innovation Go to

Aim: To improve the creativity and innovation skill. 

Learning Outcomes: Improve the creativiness, learn techniques to be more creative.

Business planning Go to

Aim: Get fundamental knowledge about business planning

Learning Outcomes: Ability to implement business planning

Business management Go to

Aim: Clear picture of Business Management

Learning Outcomes: Ability to implement basics for business management in your enterprise

Agri-tourism Go to

Aim: Gain basic knowledge about agri-tourism

Learning Outcomes: agri-tourism, objectives and areas

Direct marketing and selling Go to

Aim: Direct Marketing and Selling are two new ways to maximize the benefit of european farmers

Learning Outcomes: Direct marketing, direct selling advantages and disadvantages of direct marketing

Renewable energies Go to

Aim: Knowledge of basic concepts of renewable energy sources

Learning Outcomes: Knowledge of basic concepts of renewable energy sources and their classification for potential users and producers from rural areas.

Food processing Go to

Aim: To facilitate an understanding of entrepreneurial opportunities lying in food processing.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Knowing the benefits of processing.
  • Knowing an approach to start a (dairy) processing business.
Communication skills Go to

Aim: to improve the communication skills of learners, by facilitating the understanding  of the basic elements of communication in general and of business communication in particular, and by making the learners familiar with adequate strategies for effective communication.

Networking Go to

Aim: To present networking, analyze ways how to use networking through business perspective.

Learning Outcomes: Networking, the three forms of networking and 10 essential networking strategies.

Time management Go to

Aim: Time management, well professional or personal, redounds significantly in welfare and productivity.

Learning Outcomes: Time management, deadlines and objectives