5th project meeting: Guests, Awards and other Experiences

The fifth project meeting took place in Vilnius, Lithuania on August 28th and August 29th. The partners discussed the experiences from bringing the SEMA products into practice.

The SEMA consortium is proud for being visited by two representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania. Zita Duchovskiene, Head of Strategic Planning and Science Division Department and Nomeda Padvaiskaite from the Rural Development Department discussed with the SEMA partners the role of training for multifunctional and innovative agriculture. The second highlight of the project meeting was the announcement of SEMA partner Johannes Dreer from “Hof und Leben” that the SEMA project was awarded at the IALB and EUFRAS annual conference 2017 for its innovative approach providing a training system and a mentoring platform.

Also the other partners provided a very positive feedback from multiplier events with farmers, facilitators, and mentors. The participants were all very interested in the SEMA-approach and the opportunities of “farmers learning from other farmers”. Especially the case studies and the presented business approaches in multifunctional agriculture were of great interest as well as the possibilities of direct exchange with colleagues through the mentoring platform. But also the training system was seen as a useful introduction of entrepreneurial skills, which are not in all European countries sufficiently covered in vocational education and training curricula.

After completing the SEMA products, the remaining project activities are to implement a final workshop with national stakeholders. The aim is to multiply the project’s results to relevant institutions including policy makers, agricultural associations, as well as training and service providers. The last workshop is scheduled for September 2017. Details on place and date will be announced on the SEMA webpage: http://sema-project.eu/news. Until the completion of the project at the end of September 2017 the SEMA partners will continue to disseminate the training system and mentoring platform and follow-up on the induced interactions.