SEMA Newsletter #3

We are happy to present you the SEMA Newsletter #3. The newsletter provides information about the training system and the mentoring platform. Additionally we inform you about activities and events in the context of the SEMA project. This newsletter consist of the following sections:

  • The SEMA Training System
  • The SEMA Mentoring Platform
  • Events & Project Meetings


The SEMA Training System


The SEMA training system provides training and capacity building opportunities for farmers and entrepreneurs in related fields. It consists of online educational resources (OER) that allow interactiv learning as well as case studies, which serve as good practice examples and inspiration for learners.

The content of the training system is based on a training needs assessment. The OER system covers various topics on enrepreneurial skills, soft skills for businesses, and introduces approaches to multifunctional agriculture such as direct marketing or agri-tourism. The case studies report on the same topics and present experiences and recommendations from entrepreneurs from seven European countries.

After the testing, the training system is now available in all project languages and can be used for training and inspiration. To do so please visit


The SEMA Mentoring Platform


The Mentoring program on entrepreneurial skills for multifunctional agriculture (output 3 of the SEMA-project) offers basic informations about mentoring and a matchmaking platform which aims at bringing together interested mentors and mentees in the field of Entrepreneurship, agriculture and Multifunctionality.

At this stage of the project the platform is already implemented in all partners languages. The supporting documents - amongst them a mentoring guideline - are ready to use and to download on the webpage

In first months of 2017 output 3 leading partner Hof und Leben (HuL) started to spread the word about the possibilities of the mentoring section within its European and worldwide network. Special emphasis was given to dissemination through the channels of CEJA and YPARD. First success can be seen in the mentoring section.

Next steps in this output will be national test runs of the Mentoring program in Spring 2017, when Mentors are going to use the platform based on the mentoring guidelines. Then in early summer there will be national Multiplier events with Mentors where interested Mentors together with a representative of the project partners will hold a workshop together aiming at introducing to the functionality of the Mentoring section and its platform as well as clarifying roles of mentor and mentee in such a relation.

Until the end of project duration project partners will follow up traffic and relations on the platform.

If you want to find out more about the SEMA mentoring platform please visit our webpage:


Events & Project Meetings







Project Meetings


The fourth project meeting took place in Bucharest, Romania on April 6th and 7th 2017. The project partners mainly discussed the completion of the training system and the SEMA workshop series. On the second day, they also visited a multifunctional farm outside of Bucharest.


Stay informed and visit our webpage:


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