4th project meeting: bringing SEMA into practice

The fourth project meeting took place in Bucharest, Romania on April 7th and April 7th. The partners discussed the completion of the training system and how foster its application by learners.


The project partner are translating the last case studies before they will be added to the SEMA webpage. As a quality check, test trainings were organized with at least 5 farmers and 3 facilitators in the partner’s countries (Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain and Germany). The results show an overall high level of satisfaction with the training system. Little adaptations will be applied where necessary. Generally, the training content is appreciated by farmers and facilitators, which confirms the SEMA approach.


The project partner also discussed the implementation of a series of four workshops in the partner’s countries (Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain and Germany). In two separate workshops farmers and facilitators are introduced to the SEMA training system. A third workshop provides training for mentors. The fourth and last workshop will introduce the SEMA approach and the SEMA training system to relevant stakeholder in the field of adult education and agriculture. The first three workshops will take place in May and June 2017. The last workshop is scheduled for September 2017. Details on place and date will be announced on the SEMA webpage: www.sema-project.eu/news