Cortijo Las Encebras

1. Farm profile


The farm is located in the north of Granada capital in Crta Iznalloz-Guadahortuna Km 11. Belonging to the municipal term of Guadahortuna. It was a family farm that in 2007 is divided as an inheritance. This farm was dedicated to the agriculture of cereal, almond and olive groves. As current activities is also a rural accommodation, restaurant, shooting gallery; also is a farm where you can practice small game, horse riding and bullring. Family farm of about 500 hectares that when divided between the brothers has remained in about 179 hectares where it continues cultivating of ecological form crereales, almond trees and olive trees. Finally, in the farm live a landlord and a shepher.


2. Multifunctional Farming


2.1. Situation before Multifunctional Activity


Before the multifunctional activity was a family farm since 30 years ago and with dimensions of 500 hectares that were used for growing cereals, almonds and olives. In 2007 it is distributed as an inheritance and it remains in a dimension of 179 hectares.


2.2. Developing the Business Idea


Juan Carlos receives his share of the family estate as an inheritance and wants to use this farm not only for agricultural use. His entrepreneurial spirit leads him to want to develop a multifunctional activity.

Juan Carlos is an enterpreneur person, so he decides to use the farm for other activities.

Juan Carlos keen on  hunting,  saw a business opportunity with the creation of a shooting range, which at that time did not exist in Granada, it was an innovative idea and was a new way of earning supplementary income to the farm. Develop the multifuntional business progressively. First create the shoting range, and when he saw it works and people come to the shoting range, then decide create a Meson to serve meals, as another way to earn income. Over time and seeing that the food business also works, he decides to offer the possibility of accommodation in the farmhouse, and that is when he transforms the old farmhouse cameras into rooms and also builds 10 new homes with a capacity for one hundred people. Due to the attendance of people, also decides to expand the Meson and make a big restaurant, where people could celebrate events (weddings , Business meals…). At this moment Juan is building a farm School, this is another business the he is developing.


2.3. Multifunctional Agriculture


The farm of Juan Carlos Atero is an example of multifunctional agriculture, from the need he saw about 30 years ago to create a shooting range has been developing various activities where in addition to combining agriculture with ecological livestock can realize severalactivities such as hunting, clay pigeon shooting, rural accommodation, capeas(bull fight for amateurs), events ...

The starting point is the creation of the shooting range, where you could also practice small game. Juan Carlos Atero also decides to combine ecological agriculture with livestock, for which they acquire a herd of 500 sheep grazing the olive and almond trees in order to serve as fertilizer. Due to the influx of people who came to the shooting range, he see the possibility of setting up a small Mesón with traditional cuisine for the hunters who used the field of fire. The influx of people, not only from the hunters, but also from families who were going to eat at the weekends, makes the Inn small and creates a restaurant. The great initiative of Juan Carlos makes the business continue expanding by transforming the old chambers of the farmhouse into rooms to host, thus allowing rural accommodation and reuse of buildings for agricultural use. It also creates a bullring with the idea of being able to organize capeas (bull fight for amateurs). It is a process that creates a real complex and is a clear example of multifunctional activity..]


2.4. Financing the New Business


Funding has been primarily self-financing, also public aid of the Ministry of Tourism for the realization of rural accommodation. For the realization of the Restaurant also received financial support of European grants.


2.5. Outcomes of the Business Development


The development of these multifunctional activities that were developed has had a very good acceptance, but had a hard and difficult season due to the works that were happening on the road and that made it difficult for people to go to the farm. Like all businesses everything has its process and the starting times are always more difficult.


3. Skills for Multifunctional Agriculture


3.1. Promoter and Staff Competences


Juan Carlos begins to work in agriculture when he was 24 years old, nowadays he continue working in this field. He has an academic background up high school. His role in multifunctional activity is fundamental as we can say that he has been the leaderof all the multifunctional business that has been developed in the agrarian farm. His wife and his brother also work in the multifunctional business. As for external staff it can be said that as average annual around 7 or 8 workers between fixed contracts and temporary staff.


3.2. Access to and Management of Skills and Know-How


Juan Carlos has been able to develop the necessary skills for the implementation of multifunctional activities. He has developed an entrepreneurial spirit that has been put into practice since the moment he saw the possibility of developing a business different than agriculture with the idea of creating a shooting range with the possibility of lesser hunting and that was non-existent at that time. Starting from this idea he has been expanding the multifunctional activities that have been developing and seeing needs that he could cover with the implementation of new activities. Many of those skills have been developed through self-learning. Self-learning is obtained by looking for information about the businesses that he wanted to start and also learning from the experience of other entrepreneurs, and seeking advice from associations such as the Young Farmers Association. For the extension of these activities it also managed to seek financial support through national and European aid.


4. Experiences & Recommendations


4.1. Implementing the Business Idea


The main difficulty to start a multifunctional activity is the financing, in the majority of the cases it has to be own financing, although in this case Juan Carlos was able to advise itself and also to look for the support of national and European aids to be able to put into operation the Rural accommodations and the restaurant. It is also important the dissemination of the activities to make them known.

 Another important thing is to offer a good service and that people are satisfied in each of the multifunctional activities offered on the farm, and strengthen the customers.


4.2. Finding Supporters for the Business Concept


At the beginning of the multifunctional activity Juan Carlos found that not all the family saw multifunctional activity as a business that could work. The beginning of this multifunctional activity was a solitary beginning, later when the business starts, Juan Carlos received the family support  with the extension to other multifunctional activities. The lack of family support in the beginning was not a problem in his new business ideas because he was sure they would work. Juan recommends to other entrepreneurs with business initiatives that the lack of support does not stop them, since all the businesses at the beginning are difficult and the only way to know if they can work is putting them into practice. An important tip is to study the business idea and see the possibilities of that idea working.


4.3. Promoter‘s Advice


  • Juan Carlos thinks that it is essential to focus on the business idea and defend it, as well as a full dedication. Obviously with a business, business and financing plan.
  • The advice of Juan Carlos for other entrepreneurs is to observe the environment and determine what other activities can be developed in the farm. For Juan Carlos the starting point of his current complex was the need that he knew to see a field of fire that did not exist since there were other activities developed that knew how to generate business (an inn so that they could eat the Hunters who went to the shooting range, rural accommodation, restaurant ...)


4.4. Queries and Consideration


Juan Carlos through a hobby like hunting and not having a shooting range in Granada, he saw a possibility of business and began to develop that idea and that multifunctional activity, he saw the possibility of creating other activities to meet other needs of the users in the field of fire and of the hunting area, and was expanding the activities that could be done there, establishing a clear example of multifunctionality.


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