Cortijo Cerrajero

1. Farm Profile


The farm Cortijo Cerrajero is located in Granada capital, next to PTS (Technology Park of Health.  It was a family farm that was dedicated to growing the cereal for sale. Juan leases the farm in 2014. The farm was destined to grow  cereal (wheat, barley, corn) for sale. Nowadays to add value to the farm and to value the traditional crop, he leases the orchards. It is also a farm where the direct sale is made. The size of the farm is 4.5 hectares between the Cortijo, the family orchards and the area dedicated to the planting of the asparagus. No one lives on the farm.


2. Multifunctional Farming


2.1. Situation before Multifunctional Activity


It was a family farm that was dedicated to the cultivation of cereal (wheat, barley, corn) for sale. The family had leased the farm to another man who had cattle and exploited the farm. Using part of that cereal to feed the cattle.


2.2. Developing the Business Idea


Juan wants to add value to this farm and to the traditional and ecological cultivation for which he destines a hectare of the farm to the creation of urbans gardens to be rented and exploit it. It also offers advice those who decide to make use of these gardens.

Juan has always opted for organic farming and believes that urban gardens could be a new business now that people are more aware of the consumption of organic products and quality. The project is developed by Juan Ibañez based on his ideas and his knowledge.


2.3. Multifunctional Agriculture


Juan Ibañez is a person who has always been linked to the agriculture, and the creation of urbans gardens is his big challenge. The creation of these urbans gardens in which he is focusing with all his enthusiasm and energy. Juan Ibanez says his gardens are health, they are the best way to know what you are eating, enjoy it, and that you are grounded with the earth. Juan Ibañez feel there is a sector of the population that is increasingly concerned about quality food, with ecological products and the best way for this purpose is that the people produce all that are going to eat, thus guaranteeing them totally ecological products. So he decided to start this multifunctional activity on his farm. He also offers advice and supports those who exploit these home gardens. Also it has thought the reutilization of the farmhouse to give him a tourist use, like organization of tastings, meals, workshops of how to make preserves with the obtained products ... for this reason he is arranging the farmhouse with the purpose to reuse an agrarian building.

Another part of exploitation besides the cereal, it is going to dedicate to the crop of the asparagus, leaving another part in fallow.


2.4. Financing the New Business


The funding has been done with him own resources. He has not received any public aid.


2.5. Outcomes of the Business Development


Juan Ibañez believes, as all the beginnings of any business activity are usually hard, but step by step you see the interest of people to grow their own food and get people to know that what is eating is good product and quality. There are more and more people interested in leasing these urbans gardens. Also he offers the possibility that people who do not want to cultivate or do not have time to devote to the cultivation of urbans gardens can purchase products in the same farm as he has a part dedicated to direct sales, which is another multifunctional activities.


3. Skills for Multifunctional Agriculture


3.1. Promoter and Staff Competences


Juan Ibañez has a great experience in the world of agriculture, he has been dedicated to agriculture for 27 years. He has an academic education until high school, but he has continued training and has a Master's degree in the management and directionof Agrarian companies. This project is being carried out by Juan Ibañez alone, based on his experience and his knowledge and training. He has no workers with him on the farm.


3.2. Access to and Management of Skills and Know-How


Juan Ibañez visited other urban gardens before beginning his activity with the urbans gardens, to obtain the information necessary to start up his idea. In addition to his 27 years of experience as a farmer, he has sought information through farmers' organizations (ASAJA).


4. Experiences & Recommendations


4.1. Implementing the Business Idea


The first difficulty that Juan found to put into practice his idea was to get the family to rent the farm, so he had to solve this family negotiation. Once he has leased the land has to solve another difficulty that was the lack of water, so he had to install the irrigation. Juan also tells us that another difficulty he had to solve were legal problems. Once these problems were solved, Juan began to prepare the land and to rent the urbans gardens. Something very important was to announce the home gardens. For this reason Juan use social networks for it, through facebook. He also used advertising in the Association of Young Farmers magazine, where they published an interview about his idea.


4.2. Finding Supporters for the Business Concept


Juan had to convince the family of his business idea to let him rent the farm so he had to carry out negotiation activities with the family members, as it is a family farm. The activity is done alone but with the economic support of his wife and the information you get from other people who also have urban gardens.


4.3. Promoter‘s Advice

According to Juan Ibañez it is very important to believe in the idea of business and a great dedication. It is important to look for all the necessary information before starting the business and above all to know that it will not be an easy path and even if problems arise continue to defend the business idea.

You have to study the business plan very well and see other experiences of the same business if they exist. It is very important for Juan to prepare and have the necessary training to carry out this idea. But always suffering from the Illusion for that idea, for Juan without illusion can not start a busines.

The most important advices from Juan to other people who intend to start some activity complementary to agriculture are;

  • Have an innovative idea
  • Find all possible information and see if there are other experiences about this idea.
  • If it is a new idea, do a feasibility study.
  • Make a business plan before starting the new business


4.4. Queries and Consideration


It is important to recognise the interrelationship between the multifunctional activities and the generation of news ideas related with the firstone that has already begun to realize.

Another important consideration is the capacity of initiative, and the continuous process of growth.


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