3rd project meeting: Discussing the development of training materials

The development and provision of specific training tools and materials as well as their application by farmers were the main questions discussed at the third project meeting in Málaga, Spain.


After the first half of the SEMA project, the project partners looked at the preliminary results: all of the training modules are developed. They cover topics like the development of business plans but also introduce interesting new markets like direct selling or food processing. The development of the case studies ongoing to provide good practice examples. The mentoring platform is also fully developed. The completed SEMA products are available in English. The translation into the five project languages Lithuanian, Polish, Rumanian, Spanish and German is going to follow in a next step.


Dissemination is considered as important as the development of high-quality training material. The SEMA partners are planning a series of workshops in the partner’s countries (Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain and Germany) to introduce the SEMA output to the target group. During the meeting in Málaga, the partners discussed the possible workshop format and workshop elements. The project partner also discussed the challenge to establish a lively mentoring platform.