SEMA Newsletter #2

We are happy to present you the SEMA Newsletter #2. The newsletter provides information about the development of the case studies. Additionally we inform you about activities and events in the context of the SEMA project. This newsletter consist of the following sections:

  • The SEMA Case Studies
  • First SEMA Products Completed
  • Events & Project Meetings


The SEMA Case Studies


The SEMA Case Studies provide 30 examples of business concepts in multifunctional agriculture. They serve learners as source of knowledge and inspiration. Each case study describes the history and development of the presented farm. It is discussed how the idea for a multifunctional business was developed, how it was financed and how successful it has proven. Inisghts are provided on the skills that were neccessary for the implementation of the new business and how they were aquired. Most importantly, the experiences and recommendations of the entrepreneur are presented to the learners. The case studies cover various forms of agri-tourism, food procssing, direct marketing but also renewable energies and related fields in Spain, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Poland, Romaina, and Lithuania. If you want to find out more about the SEMA Case Studies please visit


First SEMA Products Completed


Two of the three SEMA outputs are developed within the first year. Eleven training moduls on business skills and diversification topics are completed in the English version. Also the concept of the mentoring platform is fully developed and established on the SEMA webpage in the English version. In a next step all training moduls and the mentoring platform are being translated into Spanish, Polish, Lithuanian, Rumanian and German. In an ongoing process, the training moduls are added to the SEMA webpage.

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Events & Project Meetings




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Project Meetings


The third project meeting took place in Málaga, Spain on September 29th and 30th 2016. The project partners discussed the completed and ongoing development of SEMA training material.

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