The Hof und Leben GmbH (HuL)

Hof und Leben GmbH (HuL) is a small-sized enterprise and was established in 2009. HuL is an independent private body focused on agricultural family enterprises. Literally translated the name and program of the company is Farm and Life. HuL is consulting in Germany in all types of agricultural business: crop cultivation as well as animal husbandry, production and processing of biomass for food and feed as well as for energetic or industrial purposes. With a special focus on social and ecological aspects besides the pure economy in the planning HuL assures sustainability of all projects realized. HuL supports innovative entrepreneurial concepts and start-ups of new businesses along the added value chain as well as the optimization of existing ways of business within agriculture and rural economy. Specific consulting topics are investment/ financing, company succession/ transfer of assets, (re)use of existing agricultural real estate, turnaround management/ liquidity. The consulting is based on and linked with strategic planning of the future life of all stakeholders (family/ enterprise) as well as intensive monitoring of the implementation of the developed concept.