Case Studies


The plant was built over generations. After the farm was handed over in 1996, the farm was converted into organic farming.


The plant was built over generations. Tourism has played an important role in the region for decades. Already the grandparents began with room rentals in the 80s. In 1984 the succession to the current operations manager took place.


In Crauthem (Luxembourg), the Pesch family has been running an emigration farm since 2009. Currently, the 65 ha farm is run by Mrs Pesch and her eldest son. The youngest son, a nephew and the brother-in-law, stand by them energetically. Originally, dairy production was the mainstay, but it has been steadily declining.


The farm, called Vistahermosa, is located in Pago del Corchuelo, El Calvario road KM 0, Hijuela de rompeserones, Marco de Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain. They start in 2002 with the purchase of the farm, from this date they began to plant vineyards and rehabilitation and construction of the wine cellar.


The Santa Petronila Vineyard is located in the best wine area of Jerez Superior, with the best views to the Pago de Macharnudo.Brita Hektoen lives in Jerez  since  8 years ago  and dedicated to the exploitation of these vineyards.


The farm is located on the  Cortes´road  (A-2003 )Torno, km.2 (CA-3111) in Jerez de la Frontera. The cooperative Rancho Cortesano is  a family company  with more than 35 years of experience working in honey business.  They produce honey , pollen and others beehives products. They also teach and show their activity to others. They have created the Museum of Honey and Bees. They started with a few beehives and produce honey,pollen and other beeheves products.Later they realized that apart from the manufacture it was important to teach their activity to others. They have over 2000 beehives located in the mountain of Cadiz.

Mr. Saulius Bulotas’ parents had a farm in the middle of Lithuania, near Kėdainiai city. They were small farmers. When his parents died, Saulius took care of the farm. In the beginning, Saulius’ farm was a traditional, small farm, where cows, pigs and chicken were kept. Saulius had 3 ha of land and was growing crops during summer time.


The farm is located on the  road Torremelgarejo- Gibalbin KM 11. Jerez de la Frontera. It has an extension over 400 h. The farm was founded in 1975 and it was dedicated to tradiditional grow of the area. In the past  this farm was dedicated to grow the traditional farming of the area as beetroot. They have focused for new alternative of crops as olive trees, fruits trees and vineyard with new varieties of wine.