Basic information

Aim of SEMA-project and this platform is to enable direct contact of adequate entrepreneurs aiming at a mentoring relation.


We clearly see added value and benefit not only for mentees (contact to interesting entrepreneurs and access to successful entrepreneurial experiences) but as well for mentors (exchange with young innovative farmers).


We are aware that you are entrepreneur and have to decide about investing time carefully based on the ration of added value and required time.

  • After completing your profile you get in contact with your mentor and arrange a Meeting.
  • At this first meeting you make an agreement about the proceeding and the goals of your mentoring relation.
  • The content depends individually on the mentee and the mentor. For both of them the effort has to be kept reasonable.


To accelerate the identification of possible partners for mentoring we decided to facilitate matchmaking as much as possible:





  1. Sign in with only username and password
  2. Complete your profile
  3. Find matching profiles and get in touch -> The system will present you  other profiles that are matching with your interests and skills. Choose a profile that fits to you and get in contact.



  1. Get in direct contact after the first mail.
  2. Meeting of Mentor and Mentee (possibly on Mentors Farm or virtual  by online means)  based on clear Agenda; 1,5‐2h. See document #1 Agenda of first meeting of mentor and mentee” and sign the “#2 agreement of mentor and mentee
  3. Stay in touch (Phone, Mail, Skype, personal meetings). The short document #3 after every meeting” or online questionnaire may help you.
  4. At the end of the mentoring you should evaluate results and quality. The short document “# 4 final review of the mentoring” or online questionnaire may help you to reflect the process.